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From 100 to 0

Posted: July 22, 2008 in Computing, iPhone

Not too long ago I received one of those sort-of heart sinking emails from my service provider telling me that my mailbox was almost full. You see, I don’t tend to throw stuff out. I’ve been getting very good at managing my email, but I refuse to discard things. To put it in perspective (and I’m sure I’m not the worst,) my oldest email that I have saved (on the server) is from January 23, 2001.


A little note for all of my web development brethren:

If you’re having problems with page breaks in Firefox (but not in IE or Safari), take a close look at your containers. The “overflow” can affect the page breaks (I had an overflow:hidden on a div, and Firefox was trying to keep it all together). Firefox won’t even listen to the page-break-after/before statements if you have an overflow on the parent object. Changing that container to an overflow:visible in my print style sheet allowed Firefox to paginate properly.