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It's no Firefly…

Posted: March 24, 2011 in Movies/TV/Music

I recently finished the 13 episode season of Day Break. Apparently it was on ABC in 2006 (although I don’t recall ever hearing about it before), and was canceled after 6 episodes. I have to say that it is truly a shame.

Taye Diggs stars as police detective Brett Hopper, whom when first we meet him had just endured the worst day of his life, culminating in his arrest for the murder of Assistant District Attorney Alberto Garza. Although he had an airtight alibi, Hopper was unable to convince anyone of his innocence, suggesting that his arrest was part of a conspiratorial frame-up. That day ends in a rock quarry with the conspirators telling him that he is going to confess to murdering Garza. He is then injected with a sedative.

Hopper awakes to find that it’s morning, but it’s the same day. He relives the day over and over (ala Groundhog Day), as he discovers new clues and finds out who’s out to frame him, and why.