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You don't want my money? Part II

Posted: August 31, 2006 in General

I became an Amazon convert a couple years ago. Before that I hated Amazon, they were over priced and I could usually find a better price elsewhere. Well Amazon is still here, and many of those other companies that I did use have gone the way of the Dodo. Now, I may still do a little bargain shopping but 3/4 of the time I’ll be back at Amazon with my credit card.


Pass on the beer nuts

Posted: August 27, 2006 in General, Movies/TV/Music

My review of Broken Lizard’s Beerfest.2 stars

BeerI’m a huge fan of Super Troopers, it is (in my opinion) one of the funniest movies released (probably a top 10 comedy). Broken Lizard supplied plenty of comedic genius in Super Troopers, and although there are flaws (and a few plodding sections of the film), it certainly gave me hope for the future of this comedy troupe.


You don't want my money? Part I

Posted: August 26, 2006 in General

not_a_sears_dishwasherOn Tuesday I attempted to buy a dishwasher from (after reading that their dishwasher rated well in Consumer Reports). At first I was stymied by the fact that their checkout process doesn’t work with Safari (that’s okay Safari users are only about 2.5% of your users, that’s not that many people right?)


Video game movies have a bad reputation. Maybe that’s because they usually suck. I just finished watching Silent Hill, and I have to say I’m not ready to change my opinion about the mass suckatude of video game movies.


I just finished The Pretender season four. I was an avid Pretender fan when it was on NBC in the late 90’s, so I was pretty excited when they released the first season on DVD. I gladly picked up the first few seasons. Sometimes things just aren’t as good as you remember them to be, and The Pretender is one of them. By the time the fourth season rolled around, the episodes are pretty stale, and if you didn’t think the first three seasons pushed the boundaries of believability, the fourth season surely would.


The ten month swap

Posted: August 21, 2006 in Computing, General

In October of last year I bought a pair of 250GB drives to replace the 120GB drives I was running. I’ve been running out of space on my computer a while (I’ve been juggling files between my two logical drives, and deleting unimportant stuff). This weekend (ten months later) I finally made the swap. I talked about crossing the terabyte barrier, but in reality my computer storage only consists of about 380GB of usable space (granted, that’s 150% of what it was a week ago).


Car Choppers R Us

Posted: August 21, 2006 in Automotive, General

I went over Saturday morning to help Justin work on his demo derby car for the Hebron Fair. It was an interesting experience. We pulled out all of the interior, all of the lights, and all of the glass. When I left at 2PM (after cutting a rough 7″ hole in the hood with the oxy acetylene torch the car sat pretty bare. I didn’t stop by on Sunday morning when Justin was to have installed his roll cage (the metal for the roll cage cost him more than the car itself, so at least his priorities are straight).