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Media Whore

Posted: January 27, 2009 in Computing, General, Movies/TV/Music, Short

I’m such a media whore: 17,464 tracks, 105GB, 50.6 days worth of music in my iTunes library (and I probably have another handful of CDs that I never ripped up in the attic). 5.6 days worth of TV shows (90GB) too.

Our kitchen is pretty big, it’s one of the many things we love about our house. One of the issues, however, is that it feels like there is wasted space, especially considering that the counter space is pretty limited. It’s ironic that with such a large kitchen there is only about a 5’x4′ space to do food preparation.

When my parents were renovating the kitchen area of their house mansion they were getting rid of the butchers block that was there. We carted the butchers block home thinking it would make an excellent top to a center island.


Filed away under “things that I’d really like to do some day”, has always been SSCA rally racing, or some kind of auto sport. Maybe it’s that excuse to modify my car, but with purpose. One race that happens once a year is the “One Lap of America“, which is like the Canonball Run, but completely legal.

I remember reading about the 2006 race in Car and Driver and thinking that it is totally something that I could do. The idea is simple, take one car and two drivers, then drive across the United States stopping at race tracks along the way to compete with others. The uniqueness is that your race car needs to be road worthy (and somewhat comfortable), and the car needs to be fairly reliable since you don’t have any support staff or vehicles.


Investing in our past

Posted: January 24, 2009 in Computing, Short

I suddenly had the urge to own an SE/30 and began perusing eBay (there are quite a few working vintage Macs available there). Luckily I decided this wasn’t a good idea. It would just end up in a box next to my Atari 2600.

I just bid on, and won, an HD-DVD player. You know, HD-DVD, the Betamax of the high def formats? Why, you might ask, would I do such a dumb thing? Why not go with the flow and buy Bluray?


Warming the hearth (part 1).

Posted: January 22, 2009 in Construction, Projects

One of the many reasons we bought our house was that even though it was 100+ years old, it had forced hot air (and air conditioning). All good, but I doubt they did any forced hot air systems back in the early 1900’s. So as you might imagine the system in our house has a few flaws. One of those flaws is the (future) baby’s room. For whatever reason, the baby’s room doesn’t have a vent to supply heat. The problem is that the room cools down when the door is closed (which I assume will happen often enough in the future).


Best Mac Ever

Posted: January 21, 2009 in Computing, General

MacWorld, via John Gruber asks what the best Mac ever is (if you’re a Apple fan-boy I recommend choosing your own before reading the article).


Does anyone have any asprin?

Posted: January 3, 2009 in Baby

Well a long, interesting week is coming to a close… finally. It seems as though both Cara and I have been magnents for disease over the past few weeks.

Cara was fighting off a cold as we visited relatives over the holidays. As the new year approached she seemed to be getting better until the day before New Year’s eve.