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Posted: August 12, 2008 in Baby, Band, General, House, iPhone

Blogging is such a pain. Shit happens in my life and I kinda, sort-of want to blog about it… but I don’t. Mostly because I’m lazy. Then the guilt comes in. Guilt that I can’t get off my ass and write a simple blog post.

So where does that leave me? Well with one of these “catch all” posts. Kind of a bookmark in my life, so that when I actually read this again in five years (hi me!), I’ll have something approaching a fond memory of this period of time in my life.


Welcome 2008. We celebrated the end of 2007 with a bang (more of maybe a cymbal actually). The band played our first semi-official gig New Year’s Eve. It was probably a year ago when the ideas started to crystalize and we decided that we should get together to jam. Our first practice was in January of 2007, and we really came together in April when Donna joined us as lead singer (and I got over that pesky appendectomy). Overall I think our only complaint was that our 8 song set list wasn’t enough.