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The Winds of Change

Posted: January 14, 2008 in General, Movies/TV/Music

2008 is going to be an interesting year for those of us who buy digital music. Finally you can buy (at least part of) all the major label’s music online DRM free (but probably not fingerprint free). Now you’re not stuck to any one platform or parent company. Anyone who buys a piece of music can now breath a sigh of relief knowing that the track they buy will always be available to play (and they won’t be locked out of it for some inane reason).


Back in the saddle again…

Posted: January 3, 2008 in Computing, General

TigerSo I finally did it. Last night after struggling with the wireless networking under 10.5 I reinstalled 10.4 on my machine. I just got tired of fighting with mediocrity.

The straw that broke my back was that I couldn’t get the wireless network to reliably stream the TV shows that I bought off iTunes like I have dozens of times in the past (and this was after switching my Airport Extreme base station to 5Ghz mode, which should have been even faster).


Welcome 2008. We celebrated the end of 2007 with a bang (more of maybe a cymbal actually). The band played our first semi-official gig New Year’s Eve. It was probably a year ago when the ideas started to crystalize and we decided that we should get together to jam. Our first practice was in January of 2007, and we really came together in April when Donna joined us as lead singer (and I got over that pesky appendectomy). Overall I think our only complaint was that our 8 song set list wasn’t enough.