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Another Clock to Tick

Posted: December 19, 2011 in Computing, Projects

For the last year or so we’ve been using a toddler alarm clock for Zachary. Since he can’t read time, a standard clock isn’t all that helpful. A toddler alarm clock uses a stop light (red/green) to indicate if you should be sleeping or awake. It’s pretty ingenious and it’s been somewhat successful.

I do have a few complaints though. The selection of clocks is pretty limited, it’s not exactly a market with a lot of options (and they tend to be expensive). I (of course) bought one off Woot when it became available (basically it’s this one). Honestly, it kind of stinks. It’s very hard to set the time (you need to press the button twice to set the alarm, but the buttons are polled from the chip, so you can only successfully double tap 1/4 of the time). It feels like a $1 clock with $3 of plastic.