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Where oh where did my iPhone go?

Posted: June 10, 2008 in Computing

I was psyched for the introduction of the 3G iPhone, but in the end I’m left a little unexcited after the lead up to yesterday’s WWDC keynote. There are two things that I have issue with. First, I was expecting more, sure the 3G iPhone with GPS is great, but that’s what we were expecting, where’s the shock and awe? Where’s that wonderment that is Apple? I can’t say I’m disappointed in the capabilities of the phone (or the price point), but we knew most/all of this was coming months ago, this is very un-Apple!


I just finished watching the two part Doctor Who epsiodes Silence in the Library & Forest of the Dead written by Steven Moffat (who apparently will be the show runner next year). I have to say that this is by far (and I do mean BY FAR) the best Who episode in the four years since its return. The only episode that comes even close is “The Girl In the Fireplace” from season 2 (and I just noticed that this too was written by Steven Moffat).