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Christmas is about giving

Posted: December 28, 2006 in General

I had the luck to get a cold right before the long weekend for Christmas. Hopefully I didn’t give everyone anything extra while we celebrated the holiday. My family came to our house on Saturday. On Sunday we drove to Cara’s mom’s house in Northern Massachusetts before driving to New Hampshire to stay the night a Cara’s father’s house. We spent most of the day at her dad’s place on Christmas before heading back home.

No offense Bruce…

Posted: December 20, 2006 in General, Movies/TV/Music

…but you better get out of the way. July 4th is looking pretty packed, and it’s still more than six months away. What could be more exciting than Bruce Willis pulling the Die Hard gun out of the holster? Well how about something that is More than Meets the Eye?

No offense Bruce, but the robots are going to kick your ass…

Big Wheel Keeps on Turning

Posted: December 18, 2006 in General

GOW ScreenThis past weekend reminded me of wasted time from earlier in my childhood, when I would boot up the Commodore 64 and play video games until I couldn’t see straight. This weekend it was Gears of War. Specifically multi-player Xbox Live team on team battles. Too bad I kinda suck.

I stand by my four star review of Gears of War, even after playing some great multiplayer. It’s still missing something that Halo has (something that I can’t quite describe). Sure, it looks a whole lot better than Halo 2 (but that is to be expected), but there is still that missing ingredient. Regardless of this, I still spent quite a few hours taking pot-shots at other players (instead of doing most of the things I had planned on doing this weekend).

The bottom line is that Gears of War is a pretty good game, but the multiplayer is better. I feel that Halo 3 will probably trounce GOW in both arenas, but that decision will have to wait for a while yet.

Microsoft Annoys (still)

Posted: December 14, 2006 in General

I just need to rant (and call Microsoft a bunch of morons). Microsoft’s auto-anticipate (or whatever it’s called) is so f*ing annoying. Rarely (if ever) does the system in Entourage ever do anything valuable for me. In most cases I have to fight with Entourage to convince it that what I typed is what I want it to display. I swear I had to re-edit the same line four times before Entourage would leave it alone.

Tattoos 'R' Us

Posted: December 8, 2006 in General

TattooCara and I have been talking about getting more tattoo work done for ages (since before we got married). We had to wait three months to get an appointment, but we both agree it was well worth it.

In the six hours that we were at Green Man in West Hartford, Cara got her caduceus inspired tattoo, and although Jon, our artist didn’t want to do my second band, he did a great job on the scarab. In a lull I decided to also get a Lotus logo tattooed on my right (go fast) leg.

I made a second appointment in March to get the scarab colored (after our Feburary vacation). I might also do some color on the Lotus logo too.